Thursday, August 19, 2010

Missouri trip

This past weekend Damon, Brayden and I braved the long trip to Missouri to visit Brayden's cousins who have been living there for about 8 months now. This was our first trip to Missouri and we had a great time. The ride there was not too bad. Brayden had one little bout of car sickness (which he got from his daddy) but other than that we did good. We drove up on Friday and spent two full days seeing the sights of the little town they live in and spending time with Brayden's Uncle James, Aunt Gartha and cousins Nick and Dylan. We went to the water park and the pool and just enjoyed hanging out. It was just as hot there as it is here.....hence the reason our outdoor activities involved some type of water. We had such a great time and didn't want to leave. Especially Brayden who informed us that he just wanted to stay at Uncle James' house forever. He played so hard with his cousins from sun up to sun down that they wore him slap out! We were all ready to get home to see our little angel Carter who stayed here with her Gana and Papa though. We didn't think she would have enjoyed the 11 hour trip very much so we left her here with them. She was very good while we were gone and I'm sure she was thankful to them that they let her stay and not have to endure the long ride in the truck wether she realized it or not. A big thanks to the Missouri Sipes for having us come visit and for putting us up and feeding us for the weekend. We really enjoyed our stay and can't wait to do it again! Might be a while though. =)